As I begin to pen this quick how-to guide, I can't help recalling my first coffee scrub experience.

It involved me gleefully scooping a handful of scrub (perhaps a third of the bag), then frantically trying to coat my entire body in a mere 20 seconds. The result? A tone of wasted scrub between my toes, and every inch of my pristine white shower covered in coffee. A big fail.

My skin felt “okay” afterwards, but the results did not justify the full-scale cleanup. Convinced by the testimonials, the reviews, and the idea of a clean & natural exfoliation I persevered and kept at it.

If you're a coffee scrub novice, rest assured the initial application awkwardness is an absolute certainty. But with the tips shared in this blog and a bit of practice, you'll soon find yourself reaping the rewards of this natural addition to your skincare routine.

Tip # 1 Keep the bag out of the shower.

First things first, let's address a bit of housekeeping. Your coffee scrub deserves a place among your other skincare essentials, safely outside the confines of the shower and far away from heat and moisture. The strategy here is simple: portion out what you intend to use and carry that portion with you into the shower.

Tip # 2 Use a little bowl.

Using a spoon or your dry, clean hand, scoop out a small portion from the bag and place it into a small bowl – something small and manageable that can rest on a small shelf in the shower if need be. Think the size of a soy sauce dish or a jewelry bowl.  So why all the preparation?

  1. Avoid the juggling act: Trying to open the bag, retrieve coffee scrub, then close the bag, (with wet hands) all the while avoiding getting water in the bag is not easy.
  2. Scrub integrity: By keeping your scrub bag safe and dry, you're ensuring its longevity, and making sure it remains free of bacteria.
  3. Portion Control: It's easy to get carried away in the enthusiasm of scrubbing. The bowl limits your usage, preventing overindulgence and wasted product.
  4. Easier application: Taking bit by bit from the bowl makes for easier and more precise application while showering.

Tip # 3 Limb by limb. It’s not a race.

Let's debunk a common misconception – you do not need to cover your body head to toe, nor do you apply it in the same speed as you do soap. Take your time, and using a little bit of your scrub portion, begin by focusing on one specific body part at a time. It could be your arms, legs, or your pinky toe. Apply the scrub using gentle, circular motions, and leave for 2 minutes while the natural ingredients do their work. Again, no need to cover your body if you only have a couple of problem areas. Me personally, its my upper arms and knees in the cold weather that need the attention.

Tip # 4  Rinse intentionally.

If you’ve coated yourself entirely with scrub and then plunge directly under the shower head, expect coffee to fly in every direction!

Here's how we keep the "coffee art" to a minimum when rinsing. The trick is to methodically rinse one section of your body at a time. Stand back and put one limb under the shower head at a time. Think of it as the “Hokey-Pokey Method” to control the coffee runoff! If you're fortunate enough to have a detachable shower head, you've in luck-

Tip # 5 Soap or no soap?

Personally, after a scrub, I just rinse and hop out of the shower, keeping that light layer of organic coconut oil and vitamin E on my skin. Some folks like to wash it off with a quick soapy rinse, but really, either way works. After any form of exfoliation, a moisturizer is always a good idea!

So, there you have it - a simple guide to smoother skin, keeping the "latte art” to a minimum! Just like with any new skincare product, we recommend trialing on a small area of your body first to see how your skin responds. Oh, and if you're pregnant, it's a good idea to have a quick chat with your doctor before using it, since it does contain caffeine.


Co-owner, Bear & Joey Cosmetics

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