SKINCARE & BUDGETING: Can they co-exist?

In these interesting financial times, we're all pinching pennies... Simultaneously, we're realizing the importance of a solid skincare routine to protect and pamper our body's biggest organ. We all crave fresh, radiant skin, but when you need to sell a kidney to pay for groceries, self-care sometimes ends up on the back burner. The good news? You don't need to break the bank for that healthy glow, and in this short blog, we've got a couple of cool tips to prove it. Whether you're a skincare pro or still establishing a routine, these budget-friendly hacks will keep your skin shining without maxing out your credit card!

  1. Know your skin type

Before you start swiping your card, let's talk skin. Are you oily, dry, sensitive, or a mix of it all? Knowing your skin type is the first step to finding the right products and avoiding those "why did I buy this" moments. What may really work for your BFF doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the same success, so google some keywords like "skin type" and "skincare products for [your skin type]" to get the lowdown.

  1. DIY skincare magic

Who's up for some kitchen chemistry? DIY skincare recipes are now more popular than ever. You can whip up your own face masks, scrubs, and moisturizers using ingredients you already have at home. Think avocado masks and sugar scrubs – simple, natural, and easy on the wallet. Check out for 100 DIY skincare recipes.

  1. Multi-purpose products for the win

There’s no need to go overboard and have a specific product for each part of your body, for each part of the day, for each time of the year! Products like BB creams, tinted moisturizers, and all-in-one serums are like skincare superheroes, and can replace several items in your routine. Perhaps you can now save a couple dollars by buying the bigger jar!

  1. Stock up and save

When you find a product, you adore and trust, consider buying it in bulk when on sale. Buying in larger quantities often means discounts, and if you have a friend who loves the same product as you, you can team up and spread the upfront cost.

  1. Coupons and promo codes, anyone?

Don't underestimate the power of coupons and promo codes. Websites like RetailMeNot and have your back with discounts on various skincare brands. I’m not going to lie, I do this when buying ANYTHING now, not just skincare!

  1. Wallet-friendly brands

Sure, high-end brands are great, but they often come with a hefty price tag. Don't sweat it, though – there are plenty of affordable skincare brands out there. Look up keywords like "affordable skincare brands" and "budget-friendly skincare" to find quality products that won't make your wallet weep.
Side note: We cannot stress this enough- DO NOT BUY COUNTERFEIT SKINCARE OR MAKE UP PRODUCTS. Whilst they may look similar in appearance, studies have shown many of these products can contain incredibly harmful chemicals, (as well as bacteria) which can be extremely damaging to your skin.

  1. Sample sizes and subscription boxes

Instead of committing to full-sized products, dip your toe in the water with sample sizes or subscription boxes. Its a great way to discover new brands and allows you to trial multiple products without fully committing financially.  If anyone is asking for Christmas or birthday present hints, send them on over to or who will surprise you on the monthly!

  1. Perfect product application

Make every last drop count and apply your skincare as per directions. “Less is more” is not always the case, whilst over-applying but can lead to skin issues, and unnecessary wasted product. Get the most bang for your buck and follow the instructions peeps.

  1. Keep it simple

Your skincare routine doesn't have to resemble a science experiment. Focus on the essentials: a good cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and maybe a treatment product like retinol or vitamin C serum. Simplifying your routine saves you time and money, not to mention the precious vanity space!

  1. Price comparison and reviews

Before you hit the buy button, do a little homework. Compare prices from various retailers and read product reviews across platforms. I’m always amazed by the price discrepancies of sites such as, and your typical drug stores, where they take turns in having the best deals!

So there you have it; achieving radiant, rejuvenated skin doesn't need to break the bank after all! From knowing your skin type to whipping up DIY skincare concoctions and cashing in on coupons, there are many ways to care for your skin without blowing your budget. Simplify your routine, stretch your products, and hunt for the best deals.

Oh, and if you find a killer deal, don’t forget to send it my way!

Stephanie Wood - Co-Founder of Bear & Joey Cosmetics


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