Why We Chose Our Ingredients

Coffee / Caffeine

Reduces swelling & puffiness
Anti-aging properties
Skin tightening
Cellulite & stretch mark treatment

Organic cupuacu butter

High in antioxidants
Spf protection
Hydrates skin

Brown Sugar

Hydrates skin
Natural skin exfoliant
Promotes blood circulation
Antibacterial properties

Dead sea salt

Magnesium, calcium & potassium
Natural skin exfoliant
Purifies pores
Replenishes skin moisture
Increases metabolism & blood flow

Cocoa butter

Aids in reducing hair loss
Rich in magnesium
Reduce appearance of scars

Essential oils

Reduces appearance of scars
Improves skin texture
Fights imperfections & boosts immunity
Improves mood & energy

Organic coconut oil

Natural moisturizer
Smooths skin

Organic shea butter

Boosts collagen production
Natural moisturizer
Restores skin elasticity
Treats blemishes

Vitamin E

Protection from free radicals
Muscle & cell membrane recovery
Promotes skin cell growth
Minimizes the appearance of scars

Get a bit of everything

I Can't Decide Bundle

I Can't Decide Bundle

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