Our Commitment to the planet

I’m not sure about you, but when I find an old, colourful glass jar in a thrift store, I see a unique new candle holder or mini vase for dried flowers. That less-than-safe wooden ladder? That’s clearly a bookshelf after some TLC. I get a kick out of finding something destined for the dump and giving it a new life. #antiaging

In an unfortunate time when “more is more”, upcycling has never been more important. Consumerism is in full swing, but we need to use less, and re-purpose more. As a result, taking
discarded items and transforming them into something valuable is a fundamental pillar of our company.

We are extremely proud that the coffee used in our exfoliating coffee scrubs, have been re-purposed from Bear & Joey & 2% Jazz Cafes on Vancouver Island. Whilst the treatment process is laborious and time consuming, we see reducing the stress on an already stretched coffee industry as a small piece of support. Whilst the flavor in spent coffee has gone, its caffeine remains. So why grind more coffee for skincare?

As our products end up in our waterways, we knew they had to be natural, honest & biodegradable. Therefore, our formulations are free from parabens, phthalates, PEG’s and microbeads (tiny plastic
beads, often found in exfoliants) which is a win / win for your skin and the ocean.

Coconut oil is our 2nd largest key ingredient, and is not only organic, but more importantly fair trade. We support fair wages and treatment of our workers, so why not for the front-line workers producing our ingredients? All of our ingredients must meet our high standards of quality AND ethics.

This is a non-negotiable when selecting our ingredients and suppliers. Rest assured our products are vegan friendly and tested only on those looking for smoother skin!

Delivering a best-in-class product has always been our priority. In doing so, we select materials that will preserve the freshness of our scrubs AND be user friendly. Whilst our coffee scrub pouches can be restored and converted into engineered fuel, we know we can do better for the environment. Forthis reason, we have made the switch, and are happy to report that our next run of pouches will be compostable. We have also switched from bubble mailers to cardboard boxes, and our packing
tapes are eco-friendly and recyclable.

At Bear & Joey Cosmetics we believe its our job to leave the planet in a better condition for the next generation. Whilst we’re not perfect, we believe small, sustained steps make for great environmental impact.

As our business grows, so will our vigilance for our community and the planet. The environment will always have a seat at our table.